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Ultra Front End


Your early stage screening tool to help you evaluate and compare energy transition development opportunities faster

  • Carbon Capture

  • Wind Power

  • Pipelines

  • Upstream Processing

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Choose from an extensive component library


Reduce uncertainty by providing project inputs

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See your results side by side to focus on components with greatest uncertainty

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Product Benefits

Reliable Cost Data

Ultra Front End™ cost estimation leverages our wealth of historic cost data, which includes both industry data sources and cost estimates from thousands of studies executed by Genesis for hundreds of different clients, all over the world.

Focus on the important things

Ultra Front End™ Suite guides you to focus on the elements that matter the most when performing high level estimating. Immediate visibility of where you need to deploy your resources to achieve Decision Quality with minimum effort.

No training required

You don't need to be an expert to use Ultra Front End™. The intuitive design and workflow allows you to quickly generate cost estimates that you can be confident in for all of your different concepts.

Pay as you go subscription

We know study timescales can be short and infrequent. You might not need to use Ultra Front End™ for a whole year. Our flexible monthly subscription model ensures you only pay when you need it.

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